icons in 3 colums on main page

sorry, I am having trouble in naming my question.
I would like my page to look like this (please see pic attached). Below main picture, I would like to add the section with 3 icons and short text below each. If possible, with a button under the text.
Can this be done and how? I downloaded Font Awsome, but I don’t think that would do, in addition to not knowing how to set 3 columns, icons, text and button.
Please consider using “baby” wording and explanation, as I am a begginer and still at the very point of learning how to develop a web-page.

Thank you a lot in advance!


my web page

Hello Lana

At this moment there is no such option in the theme to design a similar layout with existing options of the theme, but such layout can be done by any page builder plugins, like Beaver, or Elementor.

Thank you so much for your reply. I tried using Elementor, but it didn’t work.
But now I have a new problem! It seems, while I was trying to make that 3-column widget, something got messed up on my englesh version front page. Could you please let me know how to fix this? Thanks in advance. The page is https://krvave-ciklame.cloudaccess.host/
Also, is it possible to use gif instead of font awsome in features section?
If not, how to change the color of FA icons to red (please se my front page)?

Thank you very much for all your support!


Hello Lana

Looks like you already fixed all your problems? I can also see you are using Gif images instead of icons :slight_smile: