ID in homepage secctions

Hi, I love this theme, it is simple to use, beautiful and very customizable.

I want to do one thing that i couldn’t. It is add and custon_id in the contact seccion of the home page, to be able to link form other pages.

Is it possible to do?



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You could use the selector that is already assigned to that section but in order to change the selector you would have to go to Appearance > Editor > Stylesheet.css and locate every instance of the selector you want to change and then change it.

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How I can see the assigned selector?

Hey there,

You can use google chrome developer tools to find it.
Right-click page, select inspect, and you can search for the section. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

Also if you provide the URL to your website and a screenshot where exactly you’re referring to I’ll assist you.

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