Idlly theme customize has stopped working


I know this has been an issue addressed for quite some time, however, it is still an issue. For me, sometimes the customizer appears, sometimes not, but for awhile now I can’t get it to work!

This is a major problem as I can’t proceed with updates to my site.

The only solution I have found is to rollback to a preview version. This solved the customizer issue, but I lost all my layout and content changes - days of work!

Is there a solution to this that I am not aware of where I won’t have to redo all the work I have done??

Please help!!

I’ve tried all recommened solutions in this thread:

Nothing works.

I’m running WP 5.0
Illdy version: 2.1.1

I’ll add:

As far as I know I’ve been using Version 2.1.1 since beginning development on the site. So I’m not sure why it was working up until recently. Also, I’m developing on GoDaddy’s Staging/Production environment and the customizer was always working on Staging, but not on production, which was fine since I would be doing on dev/testing etc on staging adn then pushing to production. That worked until this morning \when I checked and staging’s customizer wasn’t working either :frowning:

Not sure if this is relevant but I thought I would mention it anyway.


Hey there

So, what is your problem for today? its change layout and settings?
can i see it? please provide url of the website

Hi. The customizer options for Illdy under the admin panel are not appearing. If you need more details, please read the link I posted previously. ^^^

I can’t provide a link since it would require you to log in to view the issue.

Here is a screen grab. But like I said, all these issues are outlined in a preview thread one year ago…

Any feedback would be valuable. I need to know if this can be fixed, Or I will need to switch to a different theme and lose days of work.

Here is the ticket on Github for the same issue from last year. Obviously still a bug:

Let me check it, Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box  

So, this is interesting…

I created a temporary link for you, and when I tested it myself, the customizer options appear! But if I log out and log back in normally, I lose the customizer options!

Good morning

Ok, in this case, give me a temporary access credentials when customizer does not work :slight_smile:

It works every time when I use a temporary password!

Good morning :slight_smile:

Well, what can I do in this case? how can I help you?
i need to see the problem