ie8 compatibility

dazzling theme is not working on properly on ie8 any ideas

Our website received less than 1% visitors from IE8 and most of them are spam bots with fake referral and user agent information. Eventually we might come up with solution for it but IE8 market share is almost non existent and is steadily declining, so this is definitely not our priority to support it.

Microsoft discontinued IE8 in 2011 and any browser out there is better and faster than it, so I don’t think it would make any sense to support it. Even if we will bring support for IE8, website will look completely different anyway because most of theme functionality is based on modern web technologies that are non existent in IE8.

If you feel that IE8 is what you are after then I can recommend this theme whcih does support IE8. Of course it does look different on IE8 than on any other browser but at least you get somewhere similar user experience.