Illdy(2.1.7) "import demo content" is not working

I have AWS-EC2 and installed wordpress (5.6).
No added plug-ins or modules.
Only change I’ve done was to install Illdy(2.1.7) thru wordpress themes.
After that, tried to install demo content and nothing happens.
would you please let me know how can I fix it.

hey there

Make sure you dont have any content created before demo installation, demo can be installed only on a fresh WordPress installation, so, please verify that


Dear support-team,

Thanks for reply, I have checked it again and found one post(“hello world”).
That was created automatically.
I have just deleted the post, then tried to install demo content, but nothing happens.

confirmed that there is no post in my wordpress.
is there anything I need to do?


Ok, in this case, let me check it, please send me your admin details in a private message here and I will investigate your problem


Dear Support-team,

Thanks for your reply.
seems I could install Demo contents.

[What I have done is]

  1. install another template and apply it.
  2. switch back a template to illdy template.
  3. preview my page, and display Demo contents as demo page.
    *still there is nothing happen when I click on “Import Demo Content”…

so I am able to modify illdy template from now on.
Thank you.

Wow, that’s so pleasant to see you managed to fix it :slight_smile: