Illdy About Section

Dear Illdy team,

the % at the about section and the color is not working. And I don’t know why…I tried already to deactivate plugins but it does not work…

I need help

Dear Support Team,

can anyone help me? Please

Waiting since two days, and still no help :frowning: :frowning:

still no SUPPORT?? What is going on??

Please don’t bump the thread. We start answering support questions from oldest and bumping means you are delaying chance to receive support as your thread appears as a new one every time you do that.


Sorry for a late in response, I apologize for that.

For the issue, can you do this,

  1. Update the theme to its latest version.
  2. Update the illdy-companion plugin to its latest version.
  3. Also, disable all the plugins except “illdy-companion” and refresh the cache, and see that fixes the issue.

If that fails, can you pass me the WP Login details in a private reply, so that I can check what is going wrong.

Let us know,