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Hi guys I’m enjoying a lot customizing your theme according to my poor knowledge of CSS but I still have an issue. I know there were a lot of discussions going on about that, but even if I had a look at all of them (I think) I’m still fighting with the size of the header image in Illdy. I tried to load images at the exact size suggested in the theme, I tried to load images higher than suggested and crop them with the tool in the theme but nothinh happens. The preview in the theme customization page is perfect but once online the image is huge.

Do you have any idea? It’s pretty urgent. Thanks

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Is the image on the site too large or small? What exactly is the issue with the image?
Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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the image is way too large. the image I loaded is 1920x533 as requested and I tried also to upload a 1920x900 more or less and crop it with the tool inside the theme but the final result is the same and it is an image which is tooo big.
that’s the site I’m working on

I attach also 2 print screens


Hello there,

The image is going to be scaled to fit the screen. do you want to reduce the size of the image area?

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no no i’d love the image would fit the screen (as I think it was intended at the beginning). the size is correct according to your indications in the blog customizer. i just need it takes the picture as it is and put it in the theme fitting the screen


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You cant avoid this, its impossible, one image will look different in different device screen sizes, to test this, assign one image and then test it on your pc screen, then change screen resolution of your screen and test again, you will see this is depending on the screen size of your device, image is trying to cover entire screen as much as possible, so, finding ideal image that will fit for all screens on all devices it simply impossible

I understand but which is the solution in your opinion? The theme is suggesting the optimal size for the theme. I’m using this resolution but it is not working well. I can understand that this image won’t be the same on my cell phone but I’d love to make it work at least on the website.
The “contain” option could be a good solution but in this case I’d need some additional infos:

OPTION 1) how should i eliminate the white gap i have on top in order to have the menu on the image and, eventually, move the title?
OPTION 2) how should I change the color of the menu?

thanks for your help


You should use Cover option, contain option is even worse than cover,
talking is not only about desktop devices or mobile devices, you will have differences even on desktop devices, take our demo and test it, you can also test our demo image, you will have exact same behavior

ok I’ll try
but can you help me with this?

  1. how should i eliminate or reduce the white gap i have over and under the image if I chose contain
    and move the title?
  2. how should I change the color of the menu


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CSS would have to be used to reduce the gap but I cannot view the site, can you please disable the coming soon page.

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ok disabled


  1. Set it to cover, there is nothing more you can do with this problem, please check out again my message on this problem,
  2. You already have changed menu color by this css code:

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a {
color: purple;

so, just change thos color code

Hi Noda, yes I found another message with the code to change the menu thanks.

I will try to set it to cover even if I’m not satisfied about it: contain is not good and cover option zooms the image and it is not nice to see…


hey there

Bkly sorry, but that’s not depending on us :slight_smile: how i said one image can not be used universally for all kind of devices :slight_smile:
So, is everything acceptable right now?

Hi Noda, I still didn’t decide how to manage it but I’ll figure it out thanks

Hello there,

That is understandable, i will go ahead and close this thread.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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