Illdy Campanion has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.

Hi There

My WP site updated to version 4.7.2 and I have been having many problems.

I notice that the Illdy Campanion plugin “has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.” Could this be causing some of the problems?

I have been told to deactivate all my plugins to find the cause to why I can’t ‘add media’ or use the ‘text editor’ but I am worried that if I disable this plugin will I loose aspects of my site?

Site that I am talking about is

Thanks in advance for the help. =)

Hi @lorna,

Thanks for using our theme. The Illdy Companion is a tool that allow you to import the demo content that we have. If you imported the demo content and now you will uninstall the plugin it should not affect your content and your customization.

Anyway, we always recommend to use a child theme for all custom work made. See attached a short tutorial on how to make a child theme for Illdy.



Hi Cristian

Okay that’s great news.

Thank you, I have created a child theme (I think you actually sent me info before on it.)

Sadly switching off all the plugins did not help solve my problem and I still can not ‘add media’ or use the text editor.

Any idea why or suggestions?

Thank you very much.


Can you please give us a WordPress account in order to try to identify your problem ?



User: admin
Password: 3Ju2RJSRYv3r!H!b(N5J3Ki#

Thank you!


Please try to update your WordPress, I think this is causing you problems.

Have a nice day,

Hi George

I had the latest version so I reinstalled it and then I saw on my CPanel that their was a domain needing an update that was linked do I updated that too and still hasn’t solved the problem.