Illdy customization panel bugged

Hello, I’ve already installed illdy theme and everything was smooth. After figuring few things out, I decided to create illdy child theme, which meant new wordpress and theme installation from scratch.

Right after installation, I noticed something is wrong but wanted after other things. I finally came to the end of the project, but seems like I’m unable to fix this myself as it may be caused by a serious bug.

I’m talking about admin customization panel.
Section Appearance -> Customize -> General Options -> Webpage identity

As I noticed fields “Page name” and “Slogan” are actually not changing page properties, but they are changing jumbotron text and description (as shown in picture below). According to this, I’m not able to set page properties and so front page is treated normally as other blog article in manner Article/Page name - Webpage name, which is not indeed, not suitable.

Is there any fix how could I set up font-page name using illdy GUI, or do I need to manually change front-page .php file.

I’ve already tried to switch back to the original illdy theme (since I was expecting there is some bug in child), but result was the same.

Do you have any experience with similar issue? / Is there a way how to fix this?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Seems like I couldn’t upload the image, so I uploaded image on external hosting and posting the image here:

I’m not really sure I understand the issue here so maybe you can clue me in with more details.

What front page name do you need to change?

Well I meant webpage title. That webpage identity section is supposed to edit webpage title - like your main page “Colorlib - How to start a blog from scratch using Wordpress”. Basically, these two fieds (Webpage name & Slogan) are supposed to change this title of the front page, but instead they change jumbotron heading and description (as shown in the picture). And so I’m looking for the fix, or the solution how I may be able to setup main page title.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I still feel like I’m missing the point here since it doesn’t look as the same behaviour as my environment.

You can set up your website title in Dashboard > Settings > General > Site title and you can also choose a name for your homepage under the form of the page name that will go before the website title.

Let me know if this is somehow not working as expected.


And that’s what I’m trying to explain, I’m in the same section as you - Customize > General Options > Page identity, but instead of modifying Home/front page title, the fields actually edit jumbotron text and description. I also tried set up page name and tagline using Dashboard > Settings > General, but illdy simply ignores this setting on my home/front page and uses the actual page name as the title. Recheck the image above one more time please, I’m in the same section as you, but instead of editing webpage title, the fields edit jumbotron text, which is supposed to be edited in Customization > Jumbotron Section.

As I said, I successfully set up this on my beta webpage, but after installing wordpress and illdy from scratch and creating child theme, this “bug” occured.

I don’t really know how can I explain myself better :slight_smile:

Hello @pa3kson,

This is a strange one on one situation, where you can see that I can change it alright from the same place while you cannot.

Please add me on Skype ( Ion Rutz ) and maybe we can debug this together via screen sharing as I’m running of ideas here.