Illdy + Instagram feed


I am trying to display an Instagram image feed (#rua2016) on my Illdy page as full-width content. I was able to create and add an Instagram widget but I am only able to put it onto one of the sidebars and it looks super ugly and it is totally not what I was hoping for.

Can you please help me to make the Instgram feed full-width as a section of its own? (Or recommend a plugin or whatever to make it work.)


Hello @superflinda,

All you have to do is to make the container of the feed go for the full-width via CSS:

width: 100% !important;

This code should be placed in a child’s theme stylesheet.css, ideally.
But you can use a custom CSS plugin or place it inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css but keep in mind that this will get erased if you update the theme.


Great, thank you so much, worked like a charm!!!