Illdy Jumbotron Title Disappeared During Customization

I just recently came across the Illdy theme and was very impressed with it’s look as a demo. I have spent the last several days integrating in my existing content. Things were looking great and I’m near to getting it done but the Jumbotron section title has disappeared during customization. My site is still in maintenance mode as I don’t want it live with glaring errors. Any suggestions?

Here are some clues maybe.

  1. Illdy sees two homepages of the same name when I look to create a Menu. Is that common?
  2. I added some CSS (which has been removed) to try and change the background color of the submit button in the Contact-Us section. That didn’t work.
  3. I previously purchased the Yoast Local SEO plugin. Breadcrumbs don’t appear on any pages. Is there a conflict with Illdy that you’re aware of?
  4. Yoast plugin also - I also changed the “Allow search engines to show this Page in search results?” to a Yes in Yoast for the homepage or front page. I have switched it back to the default of No. It was after I switched it to Yes that the Jumbotron section title disappeared. Any suggestions?

I would really love to be able to get my site up with the Illdy theme. Hopefully you can guide me in resolving this issue as I’m really liking where I’ve got things at right now.
Kent Smith

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Please deactivate all third party plugins and try again your problem, most probably this I conflict with third-party plugins.
Once you deactivate all plugins please check your problem again, if the problem is gone then this means it was a plugin conflict. Now, start activating plugins one by one and same time repeat your problem until your problem appears again, now you know which plugin was in conflict Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team