Illdy performance

Thank you again for a great theme. I have just been running performance tests on our site using Pingdom (

I get a very low performance grade and the main reason is “The requests for the following URLs don’t fit in a single packet. Reducing the size of these requests could reduce”

Reading about this on (Significant drop in Pingdom grade | suggest the problem might be the theme is unnecessarily using the genericons stylesheet.

I wonder if you could have a look at this please and let me know if you can increase the performance grade of the theme, or whether it is something I am doing wrong in how I use it.

Many thanks

Hi @wellfound,

We will send this to the developer team. Meantime, you could use a plugin to solve this issues, maybe a cache plugin?



Thanks Cristian, I’ll look forward to hearing from the developers and in the meantime will investigate caching.


Their answer is : use cache plugin and check hosting speed.