Illdy sub menu on mobile

Hello all,

I am using Illdy theme which is great!

I have a problem with the sub menu on mobile, which is already expanded when I click on the hamburger menu (as seen in the attachment). The submenu has a blue background color. My website is

I would like to have it collapsed. I tried using the plugin mega menu but I didn’t succeed.

Would anyone have a solution for me please?

Thank in advance!

Anyone please ? :slight_smile:

Hey there

Sorry for the delay, I missed your ticket and thank you for updating it

Well, this is how the menu works by default, unfortunately there is no option to change this behavior without customization of the template


Thank you for your reply!

Do you have any idea on what kind of customization is needed? What has to change? I am comfortable in customising the template.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Jozzel

Customization does not mens only to change files, it also means to create a new style and add it to the existing elements, so, it’s not so explained, if you done this before then it should be easy this time too

Thanks :slight_smile: