Illdy theme "latest news" displaying media link text in posts

hi, I’m new to the theme and pretty much new to managing my own website - forgive me if this is covered somewhere already but I can’t find it!
Any of my Illdy theme blog posts that have media embedded at the start have the html media link text appearing in my “latest news” feed on the home page - should this not be suppressed or have I missed some form of control?
Many thanks, j

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Are these embed codes from third party plugins? i think yes because WordPress doesn’t have such shortcodes if I’m right then you have to deal with that plugin but if I’m not right then i have to see your website
Colorlib Support Team

Hi Thanks for that, I suspect you are right about at least the gallery - I thought the video one in centre was just a WP media link.

Do you know a gallery/media player plug in that doesn’t create this issue in Illdy?

Many thanks, j

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Sorry, but i don’t know :frowning:
but i would try Envira gallery

is there anything else for me? :slight_smile: