Illdy theme not responsive on Iphone


I have a problem with my site on Wordpress using the Illdy theme. Some images aren’t responsive on Iphone 6 and more. However it work fine on Android and desktop. This is my website:
You can see on attachments what I got on Iphone and on Android.

Thanks for help.

Hello there,

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Please try using the following plugin to regenerate the images:

Have you tested the images in another browser?

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I am already using this plugin but nothing appens. I use Firefox and Safari on Iphone but I got the same problem on both. On my Android, I use Firefox too but images are good.

Thanks for help

Hi there

@minvinn, unfortunately, i don’t have IOS device to check it but images display normally on the web simulators, it works as well on my android phone and to be honest i don’t any reason why its not working on your phone, from coding perspective everything seems ok

I think as you, however the problem is real and I cannot allow to leave that like that


Can you try to use different images? im just interesting if you have same problem on other images