Illdy update documentation + compatibility log


I was wondering if there was a link to any documentation regarding the recent Illdy theme update? I’d like to read what changes have been made since the last version as well as any known compatibility issues with Wordpress versions and or plugins?

I noticed on the theme download page there is a change log that goes up to 1.0.15, but this isn’t the most recent version is it?


Hi Dan

Sorry, there is no such page but you may see all the changes in the log page of the Illdy theme here:
illdy (log) – WordPress Themes

Thanks I’ll take a look. Is there any documentation on whether or not the latest Illdy update is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Also, what is the latest version of the Illdy theme?


Hi @onetyonetwofour

You can see updated log and versions of the theme on the link I posted above :slight_smile:
Yes, you may update Wp to the latest version, there is no problem with it