Illdy Versie: 2.0.0 and plugin Illdy Companion Versie: 1.0.5 [request support]

Beautiful theme and clean design.

I was working on our website new look for about 1 month, using Illdy theme.
I did the update today, I use a child theme for my site.
In costumizer there was 2 required actions saying update my plugins. It seems Illdy Companion plugin is not tested on wordpress 4.7.2 and my site had a nice error text, I couldn’t even get into my admin page until I had to go by ftp and edit the plugin php.
I remarked 2 lines there to make it work again:
/require_once plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ‘widgets/class-widget-parallax.php’;/
/require_once plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ‘widgets/class-widget-testimonial.php’;/

I dont use testimonial section, that’s why I didn’t made it active in Jetpack settings. (thinking this might be the reason for one of the errors)
About parallax.php I have no clue. its not in widgets folder.
I cant get other widgets working (gallery from jetpack etc.)
Any idea what went wrong? Is my plugin installed wrong? If I cant fix my issues, is there a way to reinstall older version Illdy theme and companion plugin back? (my mistake I didn’t made a copy of them before I updated)


hi, I am about to cry. is there anyway to go back to old version of the theme and companion plugin?
reading changelog at
seems you guys did lots of changes and nice fixes. I would like to wait until this version work properly and use old version in meantime.

Im just a newbie on website sector, and studied 2motnths to get site how I like. now I cant make it work with update, none of widgets working in customizer, previous theme had them, they dont show up now in widgets. and colors all changed.
adding another screenshot as example the color setting not working in live view,and old version widgets not showing. any new widget wont let me edit too. :frowning:
any help?

I also want to cry!!!

I’ve been used an Illdy Child but all changes are wrong :frowning:

Also, I can’t use the new features because it is impossible to see what are in the background.

Updated Illdy Companion 1.0.7
it works better now. Checking it now, i’ll post the issues here. It seems not stable. Especially entries in Frontpage sections. editor hanging up sometimes.


Hi Guys,

Please update the illdy companion plugin to its latest version. The right version should be 1.0.7. There were some issues in the backend of WordPress plugin repository and bad version got updated. Sorry for that.

Link: Illdy Companion – WordPress plugin |

Let us know if you still facing issues after the right version installed.


Sadly I got this error by try to customize it…:

I know you are working hard, thanks for your time
(and a question beside all: can I somewhere remove the autoupdate?)


Which version of the theme you’re using? That “class” said not found can be found from the theme file in this location: wp-content/themes/illdy/inc/customizer/custom-controls.php Make sure this file exists, ( The class defined on line #281 )

Let us know,


Thank you for the answer!

Actually I found out that I’m using the “Total” theme… Version:

Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for my misunderstanding


Hi @samulibero,

Are you not taking about this theme? Illdy – WordPress theme |

Let us know,


I am toggling my support request as resolved, I updated companion plug in to 1.0.7

Hi @bilgem,

Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions in a separate thread.