I'm new to Wordpress and I am facing some issues with my mobile website

First of all I want to say hello,

My name is Ruben and I am pretty new to making websites using Wordpress. I have been working on my site www.scientassist.com for the past few months. It’s going all right and I am learning a lot but I have a few problems. Maybe some of you know what is wrong.

First of all I just set my website to public for the first time. The problem is that while it’s working perfectly on PC, the mobile site is not loading any of the images. I tried it on multiple phones and multiple browsers. I’m sure that you can instantly see the problem if you try to load it on your phone.

From what I’ve read it can be because of the parallax Shapely uses. I read that image size was a problem so I scaled them down to around 1k x 1.5k pixels (some are just a few hundred pixels in dimensions). It is still not loading them however. I can’t figure out what else could be at hand. Is it a plugin or is it shapely? Should I drop the parallax altogether?

That being said, I wanted to put some more text on my static home page, but typing it in the text editor in the Wordpress menu doesn’t seem to work. It’s only showing text I type in the shapely customize section, which is far too limited. I can only put one line there unfortunately. I also want to put a “scroll down arrow” on the front page, because now it looks like there’s only one page. I see them on many sites and they work perfectly. How can I go about adding such an arrow? I don’t see any options to add more buttons or anything. Will it work if I try to make some PHP code? I have not done anything related to that so far as I’m using a beginner theme. Is the theme limiting me from upgrading my site further?

If anyone has some suggestions that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Firstly welcome to WordPress and thank you for choosing our theme.

You stated images aren’t loading on mobile, however they load on my device. The matrix like background and the image of a 3d cube, the image VRBI app as well.
What doesn’t work is the parallax effect on mobile, this is often disabled on mobile by default in themes as it presents issues.

In regards to the customizations you’d like to make the theme is simple in design and is limited to the customizations available in the customize options. I can assist in simple customizations such changing colors and sizes etc.
However what you desire will require custom code to achieve.

If you are not a developer then you can consider hiring a developer to develop it for you. You can hire a developer from any freelance site. Colorlib recommends the developer https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~011652ffec8865c6d5

You can also put in feature requests to our github issues section, as we’re always seeking to make the theme better.

For more customizations options its advise you look into a premium theme with a page builder option.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

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Thanks for your swift reply. I was astounded that you could see the images as I, my brother, father and my girlfriend could not. We are all using different types of phones and browsers. Just now I checked again and I could see the first two images - but still not the last two (app and second parallax image - see the attachment). I cleared my cache already so that is not the issue. I did resize the first two images last night and I just tried it with one more but with no luck. The app image is only 365 × 320 pixels so I can’t image that could be the problem. Do you know why the four of us can not see the images? I don’t mind the parallax not working since that is just optional to be honest. Also, what do you think is an optimal size for the images on my website without losing quality?

About your comment about the theme’s limitations: I understand that a free theme is limited, that is okay. I don’t mind upgrading per se, but I want to be sure I can do everything with it that I want. I do plan to learn to code simple Wordpress related things like you mentioned already. I was wondering if that was at all possible while using the theme, but It looks like you’re saying the two do go together. I was under the impression that the two excluded one another. So if I want those functions I can code them and implement them using this theme? And will upgrading to a premium theme require me to start all over? I chose this theme because I find it attractive.

Thanks for the advice

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I’ve attached a screenshot from mobile device, as you can see everything loads.
I recommend you contact your hosting, you can ask if there’s anything being blocked could be an IP issue.

The image sizes you’re currently using are appropriate,
You can read the following article for more information as on image guide:

In regards to the scroll down button, this isn’t possible with the theme, unfortunately.
The only workaround I could see using the theme, is using one of the buttons and making an anchor link.
apart from this would require custom coding.

You could look into the use of a plugin such as Scroll to Anchor – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
and there are others.

For premium themes you can go here:

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