Image alt tags in Parallax section?

Hi from Germany,
I like the Shapely theme very much :slight_smile: Nevertheless I’m wondering about a few things, and I hope you could help me.
I uploaded an image in wordpress and set an alt tag for this. When I’m using this image in the “Parallax section for frontpage”, there is no alt tag in the source code of the page! When I generate a “normal” page in wordpress and use this image, everything is ok. So why are these important alt tags deleted in the customizer?

By the way, I also noticed, that the codes for hyperlinks are destroyed in the text-fields of the customizer. I’m using the plugin “Page scroll to id” and need to insert a little piece of code behind the a-tag (data-ps2id-api=“true”). But after saving in customizer, this code is deleted. Why? Do you know a solution?

Thanks in advance!

No one an idea?

Sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance here or have you managed to resolve it?