image beside the header text

Hi all and hi Aigars ;-),
I searched in the forum without success, Therefore I hope anybody can answer my “simple” question

I want to have a small image beside the site title shown in the header. I tried the following with the header image:

.header-image {

margin-top: -140px;

but then, the header image is over the header text (site title) and the text is not readable.
Is there another solution to add a small image beside the header text?
thanks all

I think, I found a solution for it…
I converted the image to a gif image with transparent background. Then I added the following css lines

.header-image {
       position: absolute;
	width: 120px;
  	height: 63px;
	right: 280px;
        margin-top: -120px;

And with the numbers I moved the image to the right position…
Or is there a better way to do it?


I can’t help you without seeing you website as these are custom implementations. But if this code gets the job done then you shouldn’t worry if this is the “right” or “best” solution :slight_smile: