Image File Sizes and Dimension

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I have a question on the image sizes and dimensions. Should I upload different dimension (and sizes) for images depending on where it will go? For example, different dimension for slider, feature images and thumbnails (the regular ones in a post).

This leads to my second question. Of course you can have one image large enough to fit in slider, feature image and thumbnails, but when they are visually smaller in dimension, would they still take the original size of the image on the website? Like, if the one size is 120KB (big enough for slider), when I use the same image for a post (smaller in dimension), would the weight of that post/page be at 120KB for the small image or would it automatically be smaller in size?

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When it comes to the image the theme would resize the image for the thumbnails so you would need to ensure the image is of a high resolution to begin with.

Now as it goes for the file size the thumbnails would not be the same size as the original image so the filesize would be smaller but you could also use a plugin like Smush to compress the images.

Smush plugin:

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