Image links not working in mobile view


On my website, at this particular link:

When you view on a mobile device the images within the page are no longer clickable. The widget and header image links work, but not the links within the body of the page. How can I fix this?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi @djgl13,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I visited your shared site on mobile but the images are clickable for me.

Are you also facing the issue using simulator like ?

Is it started working fine?

Kind Regards,

Hey Movin,

I researched theough the forums and found

div#secondary {
    position: static;

Is that a correct solution, or only a temporary “band-aid” fix?


Hi @djgl13,

Yes that solution worked for other user that i have shared in the following reply.

You can just use that solution if it’s working for you.