Image Links

How to make images in the blog increase when clicked? I did as needed to lower the image manually. To do this, I added a link to the full image in html with the data-fancybox="gallery" code.

But you need all the images to work this way automatically when inserted.

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Try to implement third party lightbox plugin, only with theme options you cant do this,

Thank! I thought so.
But I see that the effect I need is implemented in the “Проекты в которых мы участвуем” section. (on the main page of the site that gave the themes at the beginning).
Therefore, he asked.


Yes, but its a different section and lightbox is enabled here from the theme options

Thanks for the help. Found the “Enable Lightbox” lever in the “Projects Section” section. Additionally put the plugin “Simple Lightbox”. Everything works as it should.
Thanks for the great theme! I am delighted with her!

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions