Image not responsive on Mobile

Hi there,

I have noticed that there many different topics on the subject of non-responsive Jumbotron images not displaying correctly on mobile. I have tried various advice to add a code to the CSS in the theme. However, nothing manage to solve the issue. I will appreciate if you can help me out?

Website is

The first attached Screenshot is how it should be displayed on all devices. However, this is only possible on a computer screen.

The second screenshot is on Mobile.

I would like to be able to see the same image as on computer screen on mobile.

Many thanks for your support!

Hello here is the original image and how it is supposed to look like, it didnt get uploaded to my previous post. Also, were you able to review my request?

Many, many thanks,

Yes, I would like to know this too…How to add css to fix this problem?

Great theme but its the only thing that isn’t giving the proper experience on a mobile device.

Could someone give the best solution for this problem in this theme?
Thanks a lot!