Image Resized

My problem is with the images in Illdy theme. I created some pages and insert images , however, the images do not appear in the actual size when I click on preview. What i need to do?

Second problem :
OS widgets in footer do not appear on mobile just on my computer.
Thank you!

Hello Debora,

You should click on the used image inside the page editor, some options will pop up.
You can find there the edit button where you can choose the picture display size. By default, small size is selected, so just click picture > edit > select fullsize.

As for the footer, it seems like you need to re-save/add the footer information widgets again.

If problem persists, please provide a screenshot.


I did this steps before, and i put full size. In editor i can see the image full size, but after save and preview the image show like predetermined size (640px).

Ok, i found in theme-function 640 and changed to 1000 and now is ok!

That’s great news!