image set as background full in parallax section makes scrolling rough in mobile

Hi my problem is that i want to set a image in parallax section as background full the image displays good in desktop browsers but in mobile browsers like Firefox and google chrome when scrolling that page the scrolling becomes rough but when setting the image as background small everything works great.

so help me find a solution for this.

my page is @

Hi @ethann,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site on mobile but didn’t see parallax section background image scrolling rough.

Please advise and share the screenshot of issue if possible.

Kind Regards,

The parallax section when image set as background full is not displayed properly in android’s default browser and uc browser only the button of parallax section is shown, the content above the button is not shown
But parllax section is displayed fine in chrome and firefox mobile web browser

here is site url
please open it in android’s default browser

I have tested it on my Sony Xperia android mobile default browser and it is working fine for me.

May be it is browser version or OS issue for you.