Image size after moving website froM to self hosted

I have two problems with my images

First, is there any way to make them larger in the actual posts themselves? Even at “Full Size” it is still very small.

Next, is that when I imported my blog from to my self-hosted domain, all of the photos in the galleries didnt transfer over. Is this the theme that isn’t supporting wordpress galleries? Is there a way to fix that?


  1. Could you please provide an example with full size images on your website? Here is an example using full size image on Travelify theme when Full Width No Sidebar template is being used.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question about galleries as I have never used it and don’t know how it functions. Theme itself does support default self-hosted WordPress galleries and here you can see them in action. On this example WordPress gallery is combined with Jetpack plugin to enable carousel (ligthbox) effect.