Image size change

Hi, I want to reduce the size of the image of the articles can someone please let me know how to do this.


Hi there

You can do something like this if you want to use the code:

.single-post .newspaper-x-image {
    max-height: 200px;

But I recommend using images with long proportions something like 3 by 1

No, it’s not working the image size disturb the image, the image is not complete its cut down the image and didn’t adjust the whole image size.

Hi @aabgeenei

I’m sorry but this is how it was coded, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do with this problem, you need to choose landscape proportion images for your featured images, it will work

How to do that please guide me.

Thank you


How to do that please guide me. - there is nothing special @aabgeenei, you just need to use landscape proportion images rather than portraits, wider images, not taller :slight_smile:

Please share where to find this section.


Which section @aabgeenei please make your messages more informative, i want to help you but that piece of information is not enough to get the problem

Can you please tell me the custom code for the log size change?

Thank you.

Hi @aabgeenei

“custom code for the log size change?” - Sorry but not clearly get this message :frowning:
please include link to the page and screenshot

Website link:

I am talking about this logo want to change height and width want to make it bigger.


I some how manage to get the code:
.col-md-4.header-logo a img { width: 200px !important; max-width: 200px !important; }
But the issue is not the logo is blurred can you please help with that.

Website Link:

Thank you.


Original logo image is pixelated and blurry: make sure you have a good quality image.

One thing, disable Jetpack plugin, its also affecting your image quality, or change the plugin setting

I disabled it is still the same I have a high-quality logo.

Please provide a solution

Any way to fix pixels?


Still same, original logo file is pixelated:

This is the original file but the logo become blur when I tried to change the size that is why I changed it back till I found the solution


Yes, but you should not crop it, use original logo with good dimension

Can you please tell me how to remove the white space on the upper and below the size of the logo, you have the screenshot above.

hi there

Try this code:

.site-branding {
    padding-top: 0px;
    padding-bottom: 0px;

If it’s not working please provide a screenshot with the indicated space.