Image sizes on Activello

Hi Movin,

I have a problem with image sizes on the Activello theme. There are actually 3 sizes: the main “banner” one (1920 x 550), the square thumbnail (up to 550 x 550), and also a less wide rectangle that shows right below the title, on the main page (also the dimensions that facebook, for instance, embeds).

When you “add media” on wordpress for the featured image, you have the option to crop the size, but only choose among using the crop:

  • for all the instances
  • for thumbnail only
  • for all instances except thumbnail

The problem is that you get to choose what to frame on the thumbnail, but not on the 3rd size I mentioned, often resulting in a weird crop (sometimes if there is text, for instance, that lays out perfectly on 1920 x 550, but gets cropped when Activello automatically selects the middle section of it.

Is there a way of fixing it? Of allowing us to choose the crop for this 3rd size, or even better, to upload a different file? (for example, on my post, the 1920x550 banner works fine, but then once in the post, the smaller section cuts the 2 human drawings out. For Facebook, I created a different layout, that I wanted for this image on the blog as well: 7 most obnoxious hostel... - Free2Exist with Cristina Lark | Facebook)

Many thanks!