Image Sizes To Upload?

I’m OCD with uploading proper image sizes, where might I find information on the sizes?
How do I remove the Colorlib image so that mine is shown when the site is shared on facebook?

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Sorry, but can you please describe what do you mean in OCD? :slight_smile:
Which image do you want to change? please share URL and then I can tell you the exact place and size of the image

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD)

Is there documentation for this theme explaining image sizes for post/pages/portfolio etc.?

Oh, I just found out I can not use videos in this theme… :frowning:

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Well, first of all, about the image, there is no predefined sizes of the image you can use in the template, it’s not the strict rule to upload particular size of the image, basically, you can upload any size image, however, HD image is better for display, (1980*1080).
The important part is the image size, in weight thy should not be more than 300-400kb, otherwise loading time of the website will be increased

From my personal usage I use this chrome extension to get the image size from the website:

Videos - you can use Videos, there is no restriction, our theme runs under WordPress rules and everything where videos are allowed you can use it

Thanks for the detail information. I use HD images, but do optimize using Irfanview in order to reduce the file size without compromising much with the quality. I am admin at

Thanks I understand now, Happy New Years

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions