Images cropping on mobile

Hi Guys,

First of all I’d like to thank you all for this beautiful theme which I really, really love. The parallax widget on the home page is SUPER COOL!!!
But I’m facing a challenge when visualizing the images on mobile phone. If is see in landscape mode works perfectly fine, but when I turn the screen back to vertical(or portrait) the theme crops the image instead of resizing it to show the whole picture. I tried many CSS codes, deactivated jetpack mobile plugin, resized the img. file but the only thing that kind of worked it out was to change the display size of the homepage img from full to small. But now the theme experience would be affected on big screens. Is there a way to keep the images being fully visualized in any device?
my web page is

Thank you very much!

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for a kind words
This is a common problem when you use images on the section background with some characters on it it will be cropped or rearranged on different types of screens of course, desktop screens are horizontal when mobile screens are vertical, its impossible to have one image without crop or resize, this is why you should use pattern images, images without character or images with characters but centered in the centre of image
Colorlib Support Team