Images in slider

Hi there!
I’ve got a problem with your theme (awesome theme by the way :wink: )
Is there any way to put other images to a slider instead of using images from posts (I mean featured images).
I usually use small images for my posts and then they don’t fit to the slider properly and I don’t want to use big-size featured images because I want to reduce the weigth of the site as much as I can.
This built-in slider is pretty good and I haven’t found any other reasonable alternative.


PS. I’m sorry for my bad english, bu it isn’t my native language :wink:


Sorry for late response.

Slider only supports featured images based on Post/Page ID. However, one thing you can do is to create Page/Post only to be used for slider and don’t show them in menu and front page (there is an options for showing posts based on category in Theme Options) and link them directly to your post or other resources you want.

Here is an example of plugin that allows to link your Post/Page to any resource and it will apply to featured slider as well.

It might sound a bit abstract but it is very easy to get done.

Thank you very much!
I didn’t think of it in this way. Great idea.
That helped.

It works, but I noticed, that in “Recents posts” there are posts from my “slider” category and in the singlepost view there is a link to another post (and that’s normal) but this link provides post which was ctreated just for slider. I can’t make these posts private as anyone aprat from me would be able to see it. I tried to create single pages for slides, but it also doesn’t work.
Is there any way to hide this “slider” category?