Images not centered in parallax / home page

Hi, I worked through this problem once before, but lost a lot of custom CSS after an update, so I’m hoping for a quick(er) fix this time around!

I’m using the homepage widget parallax sections to display images at ---------- the page looks fine on mobile and smaller screens, but once a browser window is wider than the max width of the image, it shifts from being center aligend to left aligned.

I’ve tried several CSS fixes posted in these forums with no success, and can’t seem to get any additional CSS (added through the theme customization option) to make a dent.

It seems like some iteration of: “margin: 0 auto;” or “margin: auto” should be sufficient, but everythign I’ve tried seems to be overriden somewhere else.

Please advise!

Hey there

Can you pass me an image of the problem? I want to be sure I see the same problem as you

i think i found the culprit

Nice to hear that :slight_smile: