Implement new Google fonts into Customizer

I would like to implement new Google fonts to be able to choose at Customizer->unite-options->typographie

The Google fonts are set via header.php properly.

How can it be done?

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You can add the google font to the theme via header.php. Please see the following article that explains the process required to do so:

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I have already set it via header.php (it works when e.g. adding a class to p like <p class=“custom-font”>)
but I can’t find the font in the customizer

simple overwriting in body (style.css) does NOT work.
That’s why I would like to have it in the customizer.

I see only two fonts work via the customizer at all

  • Arial
  • Helvetica Neue, ...

Can you help me?
I always set changes directly into the text file via ssh terminal

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As it stands, adding new fonts to the customizer would require further customization that would fall outside the realm of support that we can offer.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

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thank you
I have got it to work with a child-theme style.css
I don’t know anymore why it hadn’t worked before.

I think it wouldn’t be wrong to reduce these customizer overhead if it isn’t really useful

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Adding the font with CSS is the easier way to add the new font but adding it to the customizer is a different en devour because it may not work properly when the theme updates.

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