Imports Failed - Site Looks Nothing Like the Template


I installed the Activello free theme and followed the steps to import posts and widgets. Nearly all of the imports failed and the site I’m left to work with looks nothing like the sample that I had hoped to just update versus starting from scratch.

How do I undo the imports or fix the issues? Can I restore to defaults?

hey there

Do you want to resolve the import issue or restore your old website?

  1. import depends on the hosting environment if you have a normal web hosting with php 5.6+ WordPress memory limit above 128mb and normal timeout then there is no reason for import function to not work,
  2. if you did not made a backup before import then there is no chance to restore the old website

I already deleted the page and started over. I’m using Bluehost for the site and Wordpress install.

Good morning

What’s up? is everything ok now? would you mind to share your website url?