Impossible to import Demo content

Good morning, I can’t import “demo content” : when I click on it it just refreshes the page. Could you help me please ? Thanks !

hey there

Sorry about that, please send me your admin details privately and I will check your problem

Hi, happy new year :slight_smile:
I know there was New Year Eve and then the week-end, so could you just confirm me that you received my admin details? Just checking that I used the good mail adress…
Thank you in advance !

Hi there

Sorry but no, I have nothing in my messages so far :slight_smile:

OK…I have to send it to *** right ?


No, please send them here on this support board :slight_smile:
Click on my name and you will see options to sent a message

Maybe as I recently created un account I don’t have all functionnalities, but or there isn’t any place where to send you a pm or I can’t find it (and I asked around to check if it was just me^^).

As I really need to go on with it I write here the admin details, could you please erase them once you have it ?

Hi there

The demo can be installed only on fresh WordPress, right now you have contact, and its not possible to run a demo installation

I deleted your private details

Ok, thank you for your return

You are most welcome and have a nice weekend :slight_smile: