Impossible to uninstall Simple Custom Post Order

I have recently installed Simple Custom Post Order Version 2.5.6.
I have tried out the plugin changing the order of a list of post on my website but it didn’t work like I expected su I uninstalled it. The problem is that after uninstalling it, the website filtered out all posts from the frontend due to a DB error. The problem seams to be that queries look for a data that isn’t there anymore. How can I solve this?

Hi there

Sorry for that, best thing in this urgent case is to restore them from the backup from the hosting, can you do that?

Please also provide link to the website, let me see it

Thanks for your answer. The website is
Unfortunately the backup isn’t a possibility: in order to make the website work again we had to re-install the plugin and in the meantime we uploaded lots of content (it’s the website of a festival that took place between the 13th and the 22nd of october). If we went back to a previous backup we would loose all that content. What are the other possibilities?

Hi there

sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do in this case, it’s also not clear what the plugin did with the database. I don’t think this is a plugin issue, right now your theme is doing the wrong query, and plugin is uninstalled, I recommend to contact to the theme author since you don’t have the plugin installed and queries made from the theme is not working

Hello! Actually right now the plugin has been re-installed, otherwise the website would be empty of content. The issue is definetly related to the plugin: the error is there whenever we uninstall it and dissapears when we re-install it.
Please see here below the errors that appear when the plugin is un-installed.
I can contact the theme author but the db/query has been changed by the plugin so I don’t think they can support us on this.