Increase the Content Area width and center menu


I want to increase the Content Area width so that I do not have so much white areas to the left and right without creating any problem for viewing it in the phone. I also want the menu to be centered. Right now it is not centered right under the page title.

Hey Joel,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your query.

May I ask you to provide us with the URL of your website so we may generate the Custom CSS Code you will need to center the menu?

If you would like to increase the width of the main content area you may change layout in two areas.

First, you may globally change the Layout by navigating to Appearance>Customize>Unite Options>Layout</strong and then change the Web Layout To Full-Width from the dropdown menu.

You may also control this from a per page basis by changing the Page Template To Full Width or using the options highlighted in the image linked below.


Hey Joel,

Here is the respective Custom CSS Code to center the Menu Element.

You may change the value of left: 11% to a value that is suitable for you.

/*Centers Main Menu Within*/
  position: relative;
  left: 11% !important;

You may add this Custom CSS Code by navigating to Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS