Inrease the Size of the Sidebar


I’m trying to increase the size of the sidebar to fit a 300x250px ad. I found a little help in the forums, but when I increase the size to 350, the sidebar disappears. I would appreciate your help.

The code that I found is:

#secondary { width: 300px; }

The website is

Thank you.


Widget arare is exactly 300px pixels wide but there is a 15px padding around content, so you can fit only 270px banner. However, you can change that by targeting specific widget based on its name and remove padding for content and you will get banner space to fit 300px wide banner.

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and your 300px banner will magically fit in sidebar :slight_smile:

aside#text-6 {
  padding: 0;

Thank you!