Insert formated text into sidebar

Hello all!
I am new in this world, so maybe this is a stupid question.
Is there any way to insert formatted text (with bullets for example) into the home in team sidebar for example?
Thanks in advance

Hello @delara,

At the current moment some fields does not support HTML format.

You can try adding a text widget that offer the possibilities to add lists and other syntax.


yes, I tried with text widget, but al formatted text is align in the left side

Hello @delara,

Can you please provide me the website link and point to where the issue occurs.

Thank you

the link

the section where I used the text text widget is at the end of the page, with tittke “COMO LLEGAR”

Hello @delara,

Try using this custom CSS code inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css:

#team .widget_text{
width: 100%;
#team .textwidget p{
text-align: center;

Let me know if everything is working as expected.


thats fine, thanks!!