Insert Logo above the Menu and above the slider

Hi there!

I deleted the Header-picture, instead of that the Slider appears under the Main menu.

Now: Id like to insert the Logo above the Main Menu, on the right side of the part where also the social Media Buttons are on the right side. And keep the Slider under the menu.

Will that work-out?

I really like the theme and i don’t wanna change it, hope you can help me!

I also send you a picture of my screen. Id like to insert the logo where the mouse is rght now on the picture.

many thank’s!


I guess it should work but screenshot won’t help at all in this case and I need to see your website with all the elements enabled, so I can adjust them using CSS.

sorry im a beginner in Wordpress, what do you need me to do?

I’m having a similar issue I think. I upload an image to the header but now my header is doubled up. Can anyone help? I’d like to remove the standard text header and only have the image I uploaded. Here’s the URL:

Oops, I found it. Had to go into Theme Options…got it now, thanks anyway for the great theme!