Instagram Embed in blog post.


I was wondering if there is a way to change the setting of the embedding of Instagram posts on my blog?

Right now, it’s embedding the instagram caption and all the hashtags from an IG post and some of those can be very long.
See example here:
If you scroll down just a bit, you’ll notice that I embedded a few different instagram posts. With all the captions and hashtags, it looks very busy, cluttered and uneven.

Is there a way to just embed the photo alone with just minor information on it? I have seen it done on other WP themes, but for some reason, Activello wants to embed ALL the information for the IG post.

Thank you,

hello Patti

This Instagram post into the posts are embedded by using third party plugin or code, or method, i can’t say how they are into your posts, so, please check how they are embedded and search for documentation.
I can say for sure they are not from our theme