instagram-feed plugin not appearing in widgets, pages or posts

Hi Colorlib support,
I am trying to get the Instagram feed plugin to show up, but pasting the shortcode the plugin gives you doesn’t display anything.
Could you help me on this?
The site is:

Thank you in advance!

hi Casey

hope you are having a good day :slight_smile:

To be honest, i have not tried this before, can you give me a link to the plugin? i will test it on my side and then i can provide you a better answer to this question :slight_smile:


Hi Noda,
Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the plug-in that I’ve been trying to use: Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed – WordPress plugin |

I pull in a text widget and place the shortcode in there, but nothing shows up on the homepage.



Ok, let me check this on your website, it should work, please send me your admin details here privately here and i will take a look, don’t forget to “set as private reply” check mark under reply box

Regards Noda

HI Noda,
OK thanks very much.
Here are the login details:
[email protected]

Thanks in advance

hi there

Your Instagram is not fully configured, its not connected to your account, it does not shows anything in any WordPress theme, please check their documentation

OK thanks. I was able to fully configure it and authorise the token correctly.
Appreciate the help!

Hi there

So, is everything ok now? :slight_smile:
can i close this ticket?

Hi Noda
Yes everything is OK you can close the ticket.

Hi, there

Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!