Instead of slider, can I have three square pictures ?

The design I want is in the attachment, I want to create those three blue boxes. Each box will have a picture that is clickable and lead to a category

I have tried to use site origin plugin to create that page, but then I lose the activello beautiful layout of 2 big latest summary post and 2 column previous posts. Is this something you can help me?

Many thanks

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An idea that could help is to just disable the slider by going to Appearance > Customize > Activello Options > Slider Options, and use a third-party plugin to generate some shortcode with those boxes that you want (there isn’t a way to get those within the theme so that’s probably your best option), then drop them at the top of the page using the page editor.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Not really…I already know all the information you wrote above.

I can put those boxes in the page editor without any problem. My question is when I use page editor, It cannot show the latest posts like how it works in Activello. Two latest post show in one single column and four other posts show in 2 columns. At the bottom I can choose to go to next page. I cannot do that… Any idea how do I do that in a static page?

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Ahh, I see. Sorry, we don’t have an option to get this done in the theme.
You could create a custom widget area, then find a plugin that displays latest posts, then drop the shortcode generated from that, or add the widget, to that widget area.

That’s just about the only option we have for that currently.

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