iPad rendering problems

Hi there, I thought I had fixed this problem but sometimes when I am viewing my site appliedpr.co.uk it is all over the place especially when viewed in portrait. It is very weird as when I looked at it last night it rendered fine now when I look at it the blog, testimonial and services areas are all out of alignment. Can you have a look and see what is happening. Thanks again

Wordpress login details:


Uname: appliedpr
Word: Appliedpr2016

Hello dunster72,

Can you please send me some screenshots with the issue so I can get a picture of the malfunction?

Thank you

Hi there, it’s very difficult as I just checked earlier this morning and it looked ok. Basically the VISIT LINKEDIN button at the blog section veers right and the testimonal background dissapears and the servies section text and header elongate down through the testimonials and the counter section. As I said I checked on an ipad earlier and it looked ok but maybe you guys could view and see how it views.

Thanks again

Hi there, here is the strange thing when I view my site on my ipad air at home it still looks out of sync but when I view it on an ipad at my work it looks ok. This is very strange don’t suppose you could shed any light on this please? thanks

Hello @dunster72,

Without any screenshots of the malfunctions is it impossible to track and debug the issue, especially since I do not posses any of the devices you pointed out.

Let me know if you can help me help you :slight_smile:


Hi there I will get a few screenshots in a few hours sent through so you can see. When I do browser simulation testing on ipad it looks fine also so no issues there. Anyway I will send through soon. Thanks

Hi there please uploaded screenshots as promised. It seems to be mostly on Safari where the main problem is. I viewed the site on chrome in my iPad and apart from the background image on the jumbotron being off to the right everything renders and navigates properly. So maybe it is a Safari thing although view my site on desktop in Safari and it works and looks like a charm.

If you could get back to me with your thoughts thanks and if you need access to my wordpress backend you have the details from previous posts from me.

Hello @dunster72,

The above screenshots are from Safari browser on a mobile iOS?

Thank you for all the information, I will send this to the developers so they will check it in the shortest possible time.

Have a great day!