Is there a contact number? is this a scam?

purchased. payment taken. proof of purchase. nothing works. cannot log in.
does anyone know a phone number to contact?

hey there

may I know what did you purchase and what is not working?
sorry, we don’t have a phone support

Invoice number: #COLORLIB7315
Payment date: September 17, 2021
can’t log in, downloads sent but nothing works.
no instructions at all to help
how do I get to the CMS?
Do you at least have an email contact? It said support was included

hello? could you reply please?


I’m sorry, but I’m unable to handle such requests, please use our contact form to reach the appropriate team member

where is the contact form to fill in?


Here: Contact us - Colorlib

they do not reply.
are these the correct details for the company:

Sigma Labs SRL
Bucuresti, Sector 4 040058

VAT number: RO36745023

These are the details shown on the purchase reciet when they took my payment.

How is there no contact details and as support you are unable to help?

It’s a simple request. Colorlib are not part of wordpress so are they just selling something that doesnt work?

Contact Sigma Labs - US and International Offices not even listed with an address in Romania


Im sorry, but I dont have such infromation, you need to wait for the anwer :frowning: