Is there a way to Turn the Force SSL on checkout page off?


I can not view my Checkout Page on TYCHE theme. When proceeding to checkout, a 404 page pops up. I contacted my host provider and they (hostgator) said that this theme forces HTTPS on checkout. And since I do not have a SSL certificate, they said to contact the theme developer, so they can assist me on how to remove the Force SSL on the checkout page.

I will be using Paypal as the form of payment, so no one will be using a credit card on my site.

Please help me fix this issue.


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That’s for sure not theme issue :slight_smile: checkout page and login is handled by Woocommerce and you have to deal with it, please check this article on how to disable or enable SSL on checkout page:
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Colorlib Support Team

Again me, this article is good too:

ok thank you for the information!

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