Is there possible to change the link over the slide in home page?

Hello there,

To set a slide in the home page we need to create a post. So, the image from that post will appears in home page.

But, when we click in the text that comes together whith this slide, a link send us to that post. Sometimes we would like to take this mensage and send costumers to request a quote or something like that.

There is a way?

Hi there,

That is not really possible.
As a workaround what we can think of is to add a html link tag to the post’s excerpt that will then be shown on the slider at the bottom. That can then link to whatever you want.

The excerpt are should be available on your post’s edit page and if it’s not then enable it from the screen options on the top right of the page. The down side to this is excerpt might be shown elsewhere with the link in it.

Hope this helps.