Is this theme Mobile friendly ? My site on mobile doesnt seem so


I am using this theme, but on my mobile it looks exactly same as I see it on the web browser.
Please help.

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Have you made any CSS customizations to the theme?
Any custom content added for html example code copied from another source?

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Thanks for your reply.

No, I have not changed anything in the theme, however I have few changes made in the additional CSS section.

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Were any of those changes media queries? As media queries would affect the responsiveness of the theme.

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I am not sure what is media queries, if you wish I can paste the CSS codes here for you to check, is that fine ?

because I wish to really get my site on the mobile and if it doesnot work well, have to change the theme (but I love your theme) :frowning:

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Media queries, in short, adjust CSS changes depending on screen size.
Eg: It makes the font size smaller on smaller devices depending on screen size.

The theme is responsive, by design, try removing the additional CSS and see if the problem still persists.
and let us know.

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Update your illdy theme to latest version. If you’re using any Child theme, try to switch to parent theme and see that fixes the issue. Keep us updated.

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