Issue after last update

Hi! I’m writing here because I encountered an issue after upgrading to version 1.4.2, and in the official Wordpress forum they recommend to ask the plugin (template) creator. I also thought it would be useful if somebody else has the same issue.
It suddenly shows this error on my website. (Changed the name for privacy):

Warning: file_get_contents(/home/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/home/ : runtime-created function on line 1 Warning: gzinflate(): data error in /usr/home/ : runtime-created function on line 1

Could you please help me solving this?
Thank you very much.

I had to load a previous backup of the website so that I could run the previous version of the template in otder to make it work again. It was also interfering with the shopping cart, which desappeared from the sidebar.

Hey there

Could help but i have to see this problem, if you have a staging site lets check it again :slight_smile:
For this, I need temporary access details of your staging site

Hi, sorry for the delay. Thank you very much for answering.
I had to run a previous version of the template and everything started working again. I’m afraid I can’t show you a staging site because I’m using it (and I need it to work right now), but if you have any idea about how I can implement a staging site that doesn’t interfere with my regular shop for you to check out, I’ll be happy to do it.

Hey there

Im sorry but without seeing this problem im afraid I can’t do anything, staging site is best in this case